Guide to Shaving Kits

The Absolute Best Shaving Kits For Completing The Perfect Shave

Completing the perfect shave requires more than just a few pretty shaving supplies. You need the absolute best shaving kit, a collection of grooming products that work cohesively and give you the best shave possible.

Thanks to the recent boom of men’s grooming, shaving supplies now serve as a long-term investment for the spruced up man. But the question is “what exactly should you look for in a shaving kit?”

What Makes An Ideal Shaving Kit?

This question can be left for interpretation. After all, you now have dozens of high quality shaving accessories and supplies to choose from. Ideally, there are four elements to achieving the perfect shave, i.e.:

  • Prepare
  • Lather
  • Shave
  • Moisturize

The basic shaving tools include a brush, a razor, a shaving cream and perhaps a shave bowl, after shave lotion and a bag or kit to hold the supplies together. The shaving brush you choose should build a rich lather that spreads on your face easily. Using a small shave bowl can help you build a rich, thick lather in no time and keeps the solution warm.

Are You Using The Shaving Kit Correctly?

You use your shaving supplies pretty much every other day. In fact, you reach for the shaving tools and accessories right after you wake up, and they might have become a major requirement of your daily routine.

Beard Shaved With Braun Series 7

Interestingly, shaving is one of the most robotic tasks men have been doing for centuries. Nevertheless, the good thing is you have the option to choose from a better variety of shaving supplies now. It is also important to remember that not many men are equipped with the right knowledge to get the absolute best shave possible. Here are some shaving myths you need to bust right now:

1. Shaving Frequently Is Bad For Your Skin.

Well, this isn’t true. If you want to live ‘beard’ free, shaving is equally important as brushing your teeth. However, if you want to minimize the effect of shaving on your skin, it doesn’t hurt to pamper your face with luxury shaving soap, and best shaving gels and post-shave moisturizers.

2. Closest Shave Possible Is Practically Impossible!

Guys, if you want a super close shave which dramatically improves the performance of your shaving gels, razors and brushes, you should decide to shave after taking a hot shower. The hot water and steam opens up your pores and softens the beard, which makes it easier to shave.

Taking Shave After Shower

3. Shaving Razors Lead To Ingrown Hair

Well, in this regard, you should always go with the grain. That’s right. For smoothest shave and more importantly, to reduce the risk of pulling your skin harshly away from the face, make sure you shave with the grain and then re-lather and shave gently with light pressure. These short, light strokes are less likely to result in ingrown hair, nicks and razor burns.

Remember, the key to preventing razor burns is not shaving against the grain. Also, you should also invest in the best shaving razors that glide smoothly across the face. Using a high quality shaving knife will also ensure you require less repeated strokes, which can lessen skin irritation.

Splashing Water Over Face

Besides the mechanics of shaving machines, razors and blades, you can try splashing cold water on your face immediately after shaving to close the pores and reduce your chances of experiencing skin irritation.

Do Different Skin Types Need Different Shaving Supplies?

There’s not much difference in the shaving process, but if you talk about shaving supplies, yes. People with different skin types should choose different shaving supplies and accessories. Generally, you need to exfoliate your skin before shaving to get rid of dead skin cells. You can then follow up with lathering, shaving and moisturizing after a hot shower or with warm water.

The shaving gel, creams, and soaps you choose should be customized to your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you should invest in shaving supplies that don’t clog pores and keep your skin dry.

Shaving Soap

On the other hand, people with dry skin need to invest in products with moisturizing abilities. Reading the packaging label is the smart thing to do because you can get to know the list of ingredients. Furthermore, you can keep experimenting with several products until you find the one that works best for you.

Can You Achieve The Perfect Shave without Shaving Creams?

The answer is YES! While the market is flooded with countless shaving creams designed for all skin types, you can opt for shaving gels and even shaving oils infused with moisturizing oils to get the best shave possible. Again, you are free to experiment with a variety of shaving gels and shaving soaps to find something that suits your needs.

Best Shaving Accessories

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Braun 7 790cc

Great Device By Braun

Bristle Faux Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush by Parker

Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap

Soap By Van Der Hagen

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap

Shave Maxx Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set

Gift Set By Shave Maxx

Shave Ready Quality Stainless Steel Razor


Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

Hydra Gel By Gillette

The Essential Shaving Tools You Need to Own

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System is a popular choice. In fact, it is one of the best shaving machines around. This exceptional product features a foil style razor with an elegant grey color and comes with a separate charging and cleaning station.

The Shaver System Features

  • Braun Series 7 Shaver
  • Clean and Charge Station (also includes cleaning fluid refill)
  • Travel pouch
  • Charging cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil

Of course, you would be paying a handsome amount to get hands on this pretty device, but your investment is totally worth it. Simply put, you are putting in your money to buy a well-designed, highest quality shaving tool that would last for years if you take good care of it.

Pulsonic system is not just another shaving tool. This shaving system offers you the ultimate grooming experience, something you haven’t experienced until now. The 790 cc model is slightly different from the 720 cc model. It features the CLEAN AND RENEW system.

The shaver head has also been designed to help you work with sideways movements. This means you no longer have to use the ‘traditional’ circular movements with the shaver that ripped your skin apart.

790 cc users are particularly impressed with the way the device fits in the hand. The grip is comfortable and you would find two lengthy black rubber sections on either ends that enable you to hold the shaver more securely.

Great Device By Braun

Perhaps the best thing about the foil shaver system is that the grip is ergonomic and you can achieve the absolute best shave while shaving with the best shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving soap and even warm water! There are two power levels so you can choose the desired shaver speed.

Something that is quite unusual with shaving tools or you may not have seen before is the battery status LED indicator you can find with Braun 790 cc. The colorful battery indicator system tells you when you need to place the device into the charger or the cleaning station.

If you want about the best selling features, 790 cc is completely waterproof. You can rinse the shaver with water, but ideally you should use the cleaning system that comes along. This shaver can be used in the shower and you have the option to choose from three different settings depending on the length of your facial hair.

The shaving head on the Braun Series 7 790 cc is fully flexible. There are three rows of cutting foils and the shaver head moves and adapts to your facial skin. The three personalization modes make shaving practically pain free and the flexible shaver head delivers the much needed final touches to your grooming.

The Braun 790 cc model features intelligent sonic technology and that is not all. Thanks to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, the shaver captures the tiniest hairs with each stroke. This also decreases the chances of having to repeatedly move the shaver over the same location repeatedly. Once you are done with the shaving process, you can place the shaver in the cleaning and conditioning unit, which will keep the blades in the perfect operating condition.

The Clean and Renew system uses cleaning cartridges and you can actually see the blue cleaning fluid inside. The cleaning units use an alcohol-based solution to remove the germs and other debris from the surface of the shaving blades. Additionally, the cleaning solution also contains a natural lubricant which will keep your machine running in the best condition.

Why Should You Buy The Braun 790 CC Pulsonic Shaver System?

Just rinsing out the machine with hot water is not enough to make your investment last longer. Washing and scrubbing the blades isn’t recommended either because excess water causes oxidation on the metal, which dulls the edges.

With Braun Pulsonic shaver, you no longer have to worry about cleaning or charging your machine. There’s no rinsing and scrubbing required as well which would make your life simple. Overall, you will be quite pleased with the way your Pulsonic shaver performs.

Bristle Faux Horn Handle Shaving Brush

One of the best shaving tools you can use to achieve the perfect shave is a shaving brush. A good quality brush does a couple of things. First, it helps create a rich and creamy lather that raise your facial hair for a close shave. Second, the gentle circular motion of the shaving brush helps remove dead skin cells from your face, which further reduces the risk of blemishes, cuts, nicks, scrapes and bumps.

Fine Quality Silver Badger Brush

It is recommended you look for a shaving brush that offers the right balance between knob resistance and softness. The Parker Bristle Faux Horn is one of the best shaving brushes you can find. The brand has been around for a long time and offers amazing products for wet shaving, including the best shaving brushes, razors, soaps, stands and bowls.

This particular Bristle Faux Horn Shaving Brush screams quality and offers the best value for money. The bristles you find can retain large amounts of water and help create rich lather with your favorite shaving cream, gel or even shaving soap quickly.

Another awesome thing about Parker shaving brushes is they include stands to help your brush dry. This stand will prove useful for the long-term care of your shaving brush. As for the grip, the faux handle makes it really easy for you to hold the brush and move it around. You can effortlessly create a rich lather with your shaving soap and gel which will also help you get a really close and comfortable shave.

Shaving Brush by Parker

If you are looking for a solid, masculine shaving brush, you won’t be disappointed with this product. When you use it for the first time, you might notice a few fibers in your shaving bowl or mug but this is normal. After a few uses, you will actually be impressed with the superb quality Parker puts into their products and more importantly, with the way these brushes hold on to the fibers.

Perhaps the only thing not many users like is the loft on this brush, which is slightly on the longer side. The bristles may hold onto the lather and you would be impressed with it, but it might take some time for the lather to transfer to your face from the bowl.

The 25mm knot on the Bristle Faux Horn Handle Shaving Brush maintains the density when the knot is not set deep into the handle. This means the bristle fans out wide and only if the knot had been a little stiffer, it would have been easier for you to transfer the lather to your face.

Except for the longer loft, which can be a little bit of a hassle, this shaving brush has all it takes to be rated as a must have shaving accessory. You will be happy with the brush, whether you use it with shaving soaps or shaving gels and creams.

Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap

The Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap is one of the best shaving soaps available online today. And if you are a huge fan of wet shaving, the results you would get with this deluxe shaving soap when used with the right brush and the right razor can be far greater than what you can get from an electric razor and a cheap can of shaving cream.

This deluxe soap finds the perfect balance between great quality and fair price and you can get it easily. Taking the retail price into consideration, this shaving soap is an impressive choice. You get the soap in a nice package and it also lasts for quite some time.

Soap By Van Der Hagen

If you are not generally a huge fan of shaving soaps, you should give this deluxe shaving soap a chance. If you look at the Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap for dry skin composition, it has Aloe Vera leaf juice along with Shea butter, which softens the driest skin. The soap lathers pretty quickly and has a light fragrance as well.

If you’ve never used a shaving soap before, it can take a little time before you actually get used to it. But, in the end, you will find Van Der Hagen soaps to be one of the most economical ways to shave. To start using the soap, simply wet your shaving brush a bit and gently swirl it around on the surface of shaving soap until you achieve the lather you desire. You can use a little more water if you prefer thinner lather. If you like your lather a bit thicker, use a lightly wet brush.

Once the lather is worked up, it’s really easy to start shaving. All you have to do is apply the soap lather to your beard area the same way you apply shaving gels or creams and follow the usual steps. Once you are done with the shave, simply rinse the brush to get rid of the soap and hang it securely with bristles facing down to dry it completely. As stated earlier, properly caring for your shaving tools and accessories can ensure years of use.

Shave Soap By Van Hagen

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel

Interestingly, shaving gels and creams didn’t gain popularity until World War I and today, they are the most popular shaving tools because not they are better, but more importantly, because they are simple to use and are practically effortless to find. If you are looking to dive into the world of wet shaving using the proper technique and don’t want to spend a fortune on it, it is highly recommended that you get hands on Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel for sensitive skin.

Unlike other shaving creams and gels, this Gillette gel is great quality and more importantly, fairly priced. Shaving isn’t something people dread, but things aren’t good for people with sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, you won’t have the same protective layer of lubricating oils, dead skin and lipids on your face like most other people do.

Because you don’t have the necessary protection, everything, from fragrance to chemicals in shaving gels and creams, can penetrate your skin and cause all sorts of problems.

Hydra Gel By Gillette

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive softens the hair and allows your shaving razor to glide smoothly over it without causing nicks or scrapes. Most people with sensitive skin also have problems like dryness and irritation. Even innocent scented chemicals can lead to shaving bumps, redness, inflammation and a variety of other skin problems.

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Ultra Sensitive not only protects your skin, but it also gives you a clean, comfortable and smooth shave. The advanced glide technology used in the saving gel hydrates your facial hair and skin and allows the razor to move comfortably. Dispense a small amount of gel onto your palm and smooth it over the face before shaving.

Another secret for comfortable shave for sensitive skin is choosing a shaving gel or cream that keeps your skin’s protective layer intact and doesn’t contain strong fragrances. When you massage Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel into your skin, the razor would glide over the area without directly nicking or scraping your skin. Once you are done, simply wash your face and your skin would thank you for using a mild fragrance product.

Blades By Gillette

5. Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set

This luxury shaving kit is gifting shaving accessories at its finest. You would love the methodical and precise shaving approach this luxury shaving gift set offers. The first product from the kit is the razor and brush stand followed by a long handled safety razor.

If you are a huge fan of precise shaving, you would be impressed with the Badger shaving brush, which is highly absorbent. For mere appearances alone, the luxury premium shaving kit is one good looking and sleek product. In fact, it is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to master the art of wet shaving. You can also gift this shaving kit to people you want to expose to the wonderful world of shaving.

Luxury Shaving Kit

The bonuses included with the product, i.e. 5 replacement blades, polishing towel and a leather blade guard are enough to justify the hype of the kit. To ensure you get a nice lather every time you shave, the kit provides you a premium shaving bowl and shaving soap.

The luxury premium shaving kit is easy to use and can complement contemporary décor in your bathrooms. If you’re looking for a good birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend or even a Father’s Day gift, this is your best bet.


Hopefully, now you have the most common queries covered and your boyhood confusions and myths have been lifted. Remember, shaving doesn’t seem complicated, but not many people know what works for them when it comes to getting the best shave possible. You are now familiar with the best shaving accessories that would work for you and give the closest shave possible. Here’s to happy shaving!

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