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Shave Maxx Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set Review

Whether you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift or simply want to treat yourself, a shaving gift kit could be the perfect purchase. However, there are a couple of things you should consider before you take the plunge, such as the quality and overall presentation of the items.

Most shaving kits typically come with a plethora of distinct tools, including the stand, razor, shaving brush and of course, a shaving bowl. Price is another factor you should be concerned about as shaving kits can be expensive, depending on the quality. Fortunately, we have compiled a review of one of the best options in the market: Shave Maxx’s Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set.

Gift Set By Shave Maxx

Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set

The Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set is among the best shaving kits in the market. Apart from the usual shaving tools, this kit comes with a complementary towel, 5 replacement bottles and a stunning leather guard. Some notable features of the Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set include:

  • Shaving kit includes 8 pieces: shaving soap, safety razor, bowl, brush stand, and badger brush along with the bonus items mentioned above.
  • All items come in a well presented box. Potential customers can simply order the gift kit without worrying about wrapping paper.
  • Customers benefit from 100% lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.
Shave Maxx Kit Brush


The shaving gift set carries possibly everything you need for your daily grooming regimen. Most customers on Amazon were highly pleased with their purchase and were satisfied with the quality of the razors. The brush is quite well made for its price range and features a pure badger grade knot with a medium backbone and a nice loft. The handle offers a firm grip and is made using heavy chromed metal.

Illustrated Shaving Kit

The Premium Luxury Shaving Gift Set received an average of 3.8 stars out of 5. While customers had plenty of positive things to say, some consumers complained about the quality of the brush and how it is likely to shed within a few weeks. Additionally, customers also complained the items had a strong odor, especially the brush, when wet while some did not like the smell of the soap.

However, almost all the customers were pleased with the packaging of the product and thought it would make a great gift for their loved ones. To save more money, look out for promotional offers and discounts.


Overall, the Premium Luxury Shaving Gift makes a pretty thoughtful gift since it is something your partner or friend can use every day. However, if you planning on purchasing a gift for your colleague or a client, it’s best you opt for a better option because of the pungent badger brush.

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